Simon Hanratty

During my career, I have worked across multiple industries which have allowed me to see how change can be driven, designed, and facilitated. RPL has a major role to play in this process.

Simon Hanratty, Chief Information Officer of Irish Life
Simon Hanratty, Chief Information Officer, Irish Life

I believe that RPL makes sense for everyone: institutions, RPL learners, other learners, industry and broader society alike.

People take many paths through their lives and learning journeys and RPL is a way to recognise and leverage this. I believe in the principle that people shouldn’t need to learn something they have learned before and that increasing diversity in the classroom enriches the learning experience for all.

My passion for RPL is driven by my own experience. I’ve been in full-time industry employment since I was 17 and RPL recently allowed me to pursue my masters. I‘m committed to helping make these opportunities more available and easier to access for others.

Simon Hanratty with graphic