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RPL for Enterprise Think In and launch of

March 2, 2023
Promotion graphic for RPL for Enterprise Think In

The National RPL in Higher Education Project, co-sponsored by the Technological Higher Education Association and the Irish Universities Association, and funded by the Human Capital Initiative, is holding an ‘RPL for Enterprise Think In’ today, the 2nd of March, in Dublin. 

Featuring keynote speaker Peter Cosgrove, the event will bring leaders from higher education and enterprise together with policymakers and practitioners. We will share what we know so far about RPL for Enterprise and explore how this tool may be harnessed in the future to deliver solutions for upskilling, reskilling, organisational development, talent retention and more. A short paper capturing learning and discussions on the day will be circulated to attendees.

Peter Cosgrove
Peter Cosgrove

A press release with further details on the 'Think In' and the launch of our website can be downloaded from the link below.

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