Radio interview with Dr Philip Scanlon and RPL learner, Mark McGowan

March 15, 2023
Mark McGowan
Mark McGowan, RPL student in Tourism & Hospitality at DKIT

LMFM's Gerry Kelly interviewed Dr Philip Scanlon, RPL Project Lead at Dundalk Institute of Technology, and businessman, Mark McGowan, who is studying Tourism & Hospitality at DKIT.

They discussed RPL, the opportunities it offers learners and Mark's own experience using RPL to gain entry to higher education.

The Late Lunch with Gerry Kelly

RPL is about recognising the prior learning that people have accumulated throughout their life, regardless of where it's been accumulated, whether it's been in a job, or in the community.

Screengrab of those who attended the Masterclass

Dr Phil O'Leary delivered a masterclass on Mentoring Practice in Munster Technological University. 

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