New: Downloadable RPL Guide for Enterprise

May 27, 2024
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Recognition of Prior Learning- Making it Work for Your Employees

RPL recognises that learning is not just limited to lecture halls and labs, but takes many forms including the ‘on-the-job’ learning gained through the world of work.

By recognising the skills, knowledge and experience that an employee has learned in the workplace, RPL can help to meet existing and emerging skills needs at a faster pace by avoiding duplication of learning.

RPL for Business is when higher education institutions and enterprise come together in partnership to:

1. Give value to informal and non-formal workplace learning in the context of the national framework of qualifications (NFQ)

2. Utilise ‘invisible’ learning as a bridge to a new learning opportunity. This could be in the form of

•          Module exemptions

•          Advanced entry to courses

•          Entry to courses

3. Upskill/reskill cohorts of workers in line with their needs and the needs of the organisation.