Microcreds and RPL project meeting at the Irish Universities Association

October 5, 2022
Grace Edge, RPL Project Director addressing the meeting
Grace Edge, RPL Project Director, addressing the meeting

@IUAofficial hosted a get-together between, @RPL_Irl and @IUAMicroCreds to exchange ideas and insights on our respective national projects. 

Our joint projects are working hard to expand access to higher education and it was fascinating to hear about the overlapping and mutually beneficial relationship between the two projects. A closer collaborative approach will be nurtured going forward. 

Read the MicroCreds & RPL Joint-Meeting Summary Note


Suzanne Golden, RPL Project Lead at the University of Galway: 'RPL in Higher Education & Microcreds projects can support common ambitions was one of the outcomes of our Irish Universities Association facilitated workshop. Lots of new ideas!'