How RPL can benefit Enterprise

June 6, 2024
RPL and Enterprise
Learn all about the benefits of RPL for Enterprise

How can Recognition of Prior Learning can help Enterprise to bridge the gap between on-the-job experience and a higher education qualification?

If you are a business owner or HR manager, you will understand the need for staff to reskill and gain new training or qualifications in order to meet business needs, to improve retention, or to help staff move between roles if required. But what if you could leverage the existing expertise within your team to meet new role requirements or prepare them for greater responsibilities?

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process can help to:

✅ Retrain staff efficiently by recognising their previous experience and learning.
✅ Help employees gain new qualifications needed for advanced roles.
✅ Adapt quickly to the changing demands of your industry.

RPL can help staff to grow with your business, enabling them to transition into new roles with the skills they already possess. The RPL process can help to save time and resources by recognising the skills and experience that employees have already gained.

The national RPL project is a collaborative initiative working to embed and expand RPL across 14 partner higher education institutions. Curious to learn more about how RPL can benefit your organisation?

Find out where to study or check out the RPL YouTube channel where you can see some excellent examples of successful enterprise partnerships below.

RPL for Enterprise at Atlantic Technological University
RPL For Enterprise featuring the Carbery Group and University College Cork