Christine McCabe

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Christine McCabe, Project Lead, Atlantic Technological University Donegal

Christine has nearly twenty years’ experience in further and higher education in various lead and support roles, particularly in facilitating access and progression to education for marginalised and adult learners. She is currently the RPL Coordinator for ATU Donegal and acts as Project Lead on the National RPL in Higher Education project as well as providing RPL support to the Higher Ed 4.0 project.

She is committed to RPL in both a professional and personal capacity having recently graduated as a mature student (HDip in Science in Computing) and is currently enrolled on an MSc in Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Christine has a deep interest in the future analysis of RPL data to better serve and improve how RPL is embedded across the sector.

Christine has recently facilitated ATU’s first cohort of RPL for Enterprise learners, successfully utilising RPL to allow access to a higher education programme. In collaboration with an enterprise partner, RPL was used to deliver a whole programme intake for a programme within the Department of Computing in ATU Donegal. It is hoped this collaboration can inform a standard or best practice for successfully delivering large cohorts from industry into and through higher education. This initiative was supported by the National RPL in Higher Education project.

Christine greatly appreciates the opportunities that RPL allows in increasing equity of access to higher education and she believes the higher education landscape will be all the richer for RPL, creating a greater educational experience for all learners.