Carol Lynch

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Carol Lynch
Carol Lynch, Project Lead, Maynooth University

Carol Lynch is the Project Lead for the National RPL Project at Maynooth University.

With a background in IT, Carol completed all her higher level education in a part-time capacity. Returning to education as a mature student with professional experience, I completed a Degree in Management Information Systems followed by a Masters in Education & Training Management from DCU.

"I felt I had a lot to offer to both my studies and also my peers and I hugely enjoyed those years of education."

Prior to taking up the role of Project Lead, Carol worked as the Education Development Project Manager in the School of Medicine at UCD where she project managed a series of strategic work programmes which aimed to develop education and research capability in Medicine & Medical Sciences. She has experience with mapping graduate attributes and programme learning outcomes, in line with international frameworks, to the teaching and learning activities and assessments of a programme.

She has a particular interest in student performance, specifically the predictive validity of programme entry criteria in programme success, the performance of minority student groups and student attrition/delayed progression.